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Dr. Abraham Asmamaw is a board certified physician in Physical Medicine & Rehab and Pain medicine with 15+ years of experience in treating musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders. He attended Semmelwiss School of Medicine in Budapest, Hungary in 1988 and he completed his residency in neurosurgery program at Kingbrook Jewish Medical Center.  He is also a member the Medical Society of Northern Virginia (MSNV) and  INOVA Spine Institute.

  • Comprehensive Musculoskeletal,
    Neurological evaluation and management in our 2 convenient locations;

  • Consultation, evaluation and management at INOVA Alexandria, Potomac and Stafford Virginia Hospitals;
  • Customize individual treatments of pain and dysfunction to avoid opioids and their adverse effects if any,and utilize non opioid treatment modalities;
  • The option of non-opiate pain treatment using alternative modalities as physical therapy, acupuncture & manual medicine subaxone/subutex;
  • Use imaging and electrodiagnositc guided procedure & injections for diagnostic therapeutic purposes.


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